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Koh Phangan Full Moon Party

The Full Moon Party (FMP) first began in the late 80's at Paradise Bungalows, on Haad-rin Nok beach. Some people threw a party, then met up again for the next full moon and it has continued every full moon thereafter and has now grown into the world's largest beach festival. attracting thousands of visitors from all over the world!

 There are many different DJ's at the bars on the Full Moon (Haad-rin Nok) beach playing everything from techno, trance, drum & bass and even rock music!. The number of visitors to the full moon party vary from around 5,000 in low season getting up to 20,000+ in high season. Haad-rin is continuously growing in size with an abundance of accommodations and lots of good bars, shops, restaurants and fantastic nightlife.

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Soundsystems on the FMP beach

Paradise Bungalows


This is where it all started over two decades ago! The main Paradise Big White Arena at the far South end of the beach pumps out the beats.

Whilst at the Paradise Shark Tent (located in between the Paradise Arena and the Drop-Inn) there are various international guest DJs playing mainly non Techno/Non Trance! The original DJ who started it plays a fantastic collection of Rock, Punk, 60's Garage, Reggae & called it 'Vive Le Rock! This tent is definately worth a visit if you have had enough of the pumping repetative house and is great for those who like to rock off their socks!

The Rock

Located next to Paradise at the furthest southern point on a rock! Whilst you dance to the funky tunes you can get a great views across Haad-rin beach

Drop-In Club

Located at the end of one of the main access roads leading to the beach. Drop-in is very popular as it bangs out tunes everyone knows!

Zoom Club

Next to Drop-in, playing trance to the masses!

Vinyl Club

A very popular choice with its pumping techno & trance.

Cactus Bar

Located virtually in the middle of the beach playing more 'middle of the road' type radio friendly tunes.


If you like your Drum & Base then this is some of the best!

Big Boom

One of the most popular places with their resident DJs playing cool house tunes.


Next up from Big Boom and the trance experience is to be found here with its day-glo decorations!

Full Moon Warm Up Parties

Same-Same Lodge

This place REALLY ROCKS with its non techno/no trance policy! Scandanavian run and they are a truely mad bunch with everyone up on the tables going crazy with the best shooters(try the 'Fishermans'!) on Koh Phangan! Expect crazy games, crazy people, crazy atmosphere and the best Full Moon Buffet on the island, from 7pm onwards!

Warm Up Bar

As you walk up from Haad-rin Pier you will pass the Warm Up Bar. A popular place to get yourself in the mood with its resident international DJ. Chilled out and super funky tunes!

Outback Bar

Just before the Warm Up Bar and close to the pier. A place to hang out, meet your mates and relax before heading to the Full Moon Party beach.

Outback Bar

The name says it all! A great chilled out atmosphere!

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